Photo Plaques

Used widely on the continent and increasingly here in the UK, porcelain memorial photo plaques are becoming more and more popular.

The process of producing the plaques originated in Italy over 150 years ago and has been perfected over the years. Using these traditional skills, combined with advanced techniques, we are able to produce high quality reproductions of your supplied photographs in stunning detail.

We work with colour and black-and-white photos and are able to manufacture ceramic plaques in various shapes and sizes (see below). The finished plaque is securely attached to the face of the memorial, thus capturing a special moment that will withstand the test of time.

Please note, some authorities do not allow photographs on memorials.

rectangular photo plaque RECTANGULAR
CM 7 X 9
CM 8 X 10
CM 9 X 12
CM 10 X 15
CM 11 X 15
round photo plaque ROUND
CM 7
CM 8
CM 9
CM 10
CM 12
square photo plaque SQUARE
CM 7 X 7
CM 10 X 10
oval photo plaque OVAL
CM 5 X 7
CM 6 X 8
CM 7 X 9
CM 8 X 10
CM 9 X 12
CM 11 X 15
heart-shaped photo plaque HEART-SHAPED
CM 9 X 9
CM 13 X 13
CM 17 X 17